Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandma!!

Yesterday my Grandma turned 76 and Baby Emma reached the ripe old age of 2 months!  My Grandma has been battling lukemia and lymphoma for two-and-a-half years, so this was definitely a reason to celebrate so I broke out the cake pans.  Putting together a cake means the big girls need entertaining.  Here is a glimpse of what they did while I worked on my cake project.

I did have to briefly put them to work.  They are good snappers.

Grandma has been enjoying lemon flavored goodies lately, so I found a delicious lemon cake recipe along with a lemond custard filling recipe at Cake Central.  The cake grew. . . . .a lot.  This frequently happens to me while baking. 

Assembling cakes with a baby strapped to the front of you is a little challenging, but she loves to be close.

The idea for this cake came from Pinterest.  You can link to the original instructions here.  I put my own spin on it, but I loved the original idea.  It was super easy.

Later in the afternoon we loaded up the girls and the cake (which I swear weighed in at 10 pounds) and headed to my Mom's for lunch.  Everyone gathered there to celebrate Grandma's 76th, my brother Aaron's 29th, and my cousin Joes girlfriend Sarah's 22nd.  There was lots of good food and good times had by all.

I had to snap a picture of the birthday girls.  It's one I will always treasure.

I think at the end of the day despite being worn out, Grandma had a good day.  I made it home from the party just in time to put a second coat of paint on my bathroom walls.  More to come on that later!

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