Saturday, December 8, 2012

Title 9

At first Abby was pretty unsure of Sprinkle, but now that she is not so bothered by her we didn't have to put her up so high.  I did much better this week and remembered to move her every night.  There were even a couple nights I moved her twice because I had thought of a better hiding spot for her.

The girls lived having her in a bowl of m&ms.  It was fun to try and watch them get the candy out without touching the elf.

The fishing from the potty chair got the best reaction from both girls.  It was a real hit.

Then Sprinkle drew on the pictures. Grace thought it was hysterical, Abby thought she was bad.

Santa made Sprinkle a tutu so she sat front and center next to the gingerbread house to show it off all day.

Going for a drive in the Barbie car.  Got little to no reaction for this stunt.

Hanging out on the dining room table got the girls going because they know no one is supposed to touch the balls because one little finger sends them everywhere.  The elf even managed to move my tablecloth.

Last night I was too tired to think about it so I threw her in a bucket of poinsettias on my way upstairs.

Now I'm off to ponder up another week worth of elf ideas......

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