Saturday, January 12, 2013

Back To Blogging

Clearly I have not blogged for awhile.  For the last couple of weeks I've missed it.  I kept telling myself to take some time and go write.  But, between the holidays, cleaning, baking, wrapping, visiting, working, errand running, I just haven't made time.  This evening, I decided I was making time.  So, here's the low down:

We had a fabulous Christmas.  It feels like forever ago.  The decorations are all down and tucked away back in the basement.  The newness of the toys have worn off.  We used up the last of the Christmas candy today, made cookies with it.  All was good.

The new year started the same as the last several have for us, everyone tucked away snoring in their beds.  It was great.

And here we are, a couple weeks into 2013.  I don't make resolutions, because I can't sick to them.  But, I have goals.  Here's what I hope to accomplish in 2013:

  1. Blog more, at least once a week.
  2. Eat less.  It pains me to say this.  I love to cook.  I love to eat what I cook.  I love to bake.  Baking is my stress relief.  When I say eat less, I'm going to feel I've accomplished my goal if I bake two days a week rather than four.  
  3. Exercise.  But this has to wait until spring so I can get outside and walk with my pal Susie.  
  4. Redecorate my living room.  I have my inspiration piece, and an idea for paint colors.  Since I want to repaint most of the first floor I will probably wait until I can crack some windows.
  5. Reduce the amount of money I spend on "retail therapy".  
  6. Take a trip.  With the birth of our third daughter last year we did not take any trips.  We are all ready to go somewhere.
  7. Enjoy just being.  I'm one of those people that always has to be going/doing.  I want to learn to just sit and enjoy what's going on around me.
  8. Finish my daughter's Christmas stockings before Christmas.  They didn't make the mantle last year.
  9. Declutter.  I have a MAJOR garage sale in the works.  Everything goes people!
There you have it.  That's how I'm starting off my new year.  Let's see if I can achieve my goals this year!

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