Monday, November 26, 2012

Elf On The Shelf Take One

Today at work a friend was sharing with me her weekend experience with the Elf On The Shelf.  She sold me.  And since I needed to run to Target over lunch I grabbed an Elf On The Shelf.  I was convinced that Abby was going to find it hysterical and love it.  Boy was I wrong.  She HATES it.  In fact she's scared of it.  Grace on the other hand, surprised me.  We read our elf's book three times. After which Grace went to her room put on her pajama's, went potty, brushed her teeth, and got in bed.  This is huge for her. 

Grace named the Elf "Sprinkle".  I'm pretty disappointed that Abby wouldn't partake in the naming ceremony, but what can you do. . . . . .

I took it pretty easy on them for the first day.  I didn't want to "freak" Abby out too bad, and I didn't want Sprinkle within reaching distance because Abby could possibly destroy her.  We'll see how it goes. 

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