Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Emma Wants Chow

Emma is starting to let us know that she is ready to move beyond milk.  You know when they watch every little bite you put into your mouth in hopes that some will fall on them and they can taste what you are tasting.   Thank goodness there are no words to accompany it like:

 Are you eating again???

Are you really going to eat that???

Should you be eating that???

But, like my mother always said:


So, Emma thought she would demonstrate that to us.

The stare down.  Mmmmmmm, that sure looks good daddy.
No one will notice if I sneak my hand up here and grab a handful. 
Mimi took it back. 
No fair. 
We decided it was time to get her some age appropriate food. 
Here comes the cereal. 
First bite. 
Barely got any in. 
Second bite.

No thank you. 

I don't think she actually got any in her tummy that first night, but she continues to practice.  Practice makes perfect.  And as you can see this baby has some cheeks to maintain.  She'll get it down.

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