Friday, November 2, 2012

Thirty Days Of Thankfulness -Day Two

I've set a goal for myself for the month of November.  I want to focus on everything I have that I should be thankful for.  I don't focus on this enough.  I think about the things I don't have that I wish I did, or the things that I do have that I regret.  Therefore, every day I am going to think about everything I have that I should be thankful for.  I'm going to reflect on everything I'm thankful for, and help others in my family do the same.

Day Two

I'm thankful that my husband drives me to work.  I hate to drive.  In the morning I just hop into the car and off we go.  On the ride in I eat my breakfast, touch up my makeup, check my phone, etc.  I don't worry about the traffic (unless I have re routing advice due to traffic) I am just along for the ride.  I've never really asked him, I'm sure he gets tired of driving every day, but I love it.  If I had to drive to work I would be stressed and tense by the time I got there.  So, a shout out to my hubby for driving me to work every day.  I'm very thankful for that!

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