Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Little Girl Style

I love Carter's clothes.  I love them because most of the time I can either find matching outfits for all three of my girls, and if I can't find matching I can at least find coordinating.  I like my girls to coordinate.  Very rarely do we leave the house when they do not coordinate.  Cheesy, yes.  But it makes me feel good.

Over the weekend my mom came over because we needed to make a trip out to the Christmas Warehouse.  She needed lights for her house.  I needed lights for my newly planted evergreen tree.  So of course, the girls coordinated.  Grace and Emma both have on a Carter's outfit.  Abby has on Carter's jeans and vintage JCPenney's shirt.  (We don't call our hand me downs, hand me downs.  They are vintage.  It's much cooler that way.)

A smooch for the road.

Love this headband.  It's so much fun.  Only thing I don't like is that it's sewn onto the headband and is not on a clip, so when the headband is too small we can't use it any more.  Next time I order one I will request the clip.

Here's Emma in another Carter's outfit. 

Grace clearly did not want to stop to have her picture taken.

No one want to pay me any attention.

Finally someone wondered what I was doing!  Here's Abby.  Snagged this cute little number at JcPenney.  Except for the skirt.  That was leftover from summer.

You can also see the girls over here today.

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  1. I love coordinating my kids too! Cute girls! Thanks for linking up!