Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thirty Days Of Thankfulness - Days Nine & Ten

  I've set a goal for myself for the month of November.  I want to focus on everything I have that I should be thankful for.  I don't focus on this enough.  I think about the things I don't have that I wish I did, or the things that I do have that I regret.  Therefore, every day I am going to think about everything I have that I should be thankful for.  I'm going to reflect on everything I'm thankful for, and help others in my family do the same.

Day Nine and Ten

Somehow I overlooked days nine and ten.  Not good when I'm supposed to be being thankful all month.  Day nine would have been Friday.  One Friday I was thankful for some girl time.  After dinner my mom and I went and ran some errands free of kids.  I love my girls dearly, but I can run errands some much quicker on my own.  It also gave me the opportunity to do some shopping for Grace's birthday.  Thinking back it gave me two things to be thankful for.  One -- my husband for agreeing to keep all three girls in the evening (the hardest time of day around here) and two -- for my mom who went driving all over the city with me.

Day ten, I was thankful to be able to stay home ALL day long and not go anywhere.  I love these days, and don't get enough of them.  I sorted through all three girls rooms.  Tagged and bagged all clothes that will not be reused for a spring garage sale, and folded and toted the rest.  It took all day, but I felt like I had accomplished a lot at the end of the day.

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