Saturday, August 11, 2012

Abby The Fish

Today we all got up bright and early to watch Abby at her last day of swim class.  She was VERY excited that her entire family was coming along to watch.

Emma has baby super powers and was able to watch the entire thing with her eyes closed!

Grace needed a front row seat to cheer Abby on!

First they practiced swimming in the pool.  Average swim class stuff.  Kicking, using their arms, floating on their backs (Abby's least favorite thing), blowing bubbles, etc.

Then it comes time for the big girl stuff.  The diving board!  I'm so proud of her for going off the diving board.  It's not my thing, I'm afraid of heights.  So is Grace.  Grace refuses to have anything to do with the diving board.  Not Abby.  She was second in line.

The walk. . . . . . .

Letting the anticipation build.

The jump!

The climb!

And the pure excitement over getting her certificate for completing swim lessons!!

Happy Swimming Everyone!

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