Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fun With Baking Soda

I'm always looking for easy activities for the girls.  I spotted this one on Pintrest and thought it looked perfect!  However, looks can be deceiving.  I can't tell what website this came from, because there was not a link from the person I repinned it from, but you can get to it here.

  1. Put a box of baking soda in a dish
  2. Color vinegar with food coloring
  3. Give the kids an eyedropper
  4. Clean the kitchen and do laundry (or whatever is outstanding in your house) while they entertain themselves
**The pictures on Pinterest are deceiving.  The little boy was playing nice and neatly with his baking soda and eye dropper.  Not my girls.  After they colored it all they decided to play in it with their hands.  It ended up everywhere.  I think there is still some in between the boards of my hard wood floors.  Key point -- THEY ENTERTAINED THEMSELVES FOR OVER AN HOUR.  It also doesn't get much cheaper than baking soda and vinegar!!

And the mess begins.

It must have made some kind of memory for them because they always ask to do it again, and honestly I let them.  They enjoy it and the mess gives me something to do (as if I don't have enough already)!

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