Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back To School Night!

In our district the little people go back to school after the big kids start and get settled in.  Friday night was our back to school night, and Grace was soooo excited. 

When she got to school there was a welcome back card waiting for her.  The card had two glow in the dark bracelets attached.  She immediately took them off the card, kept the pink one for herself, and gave the yellow to her sister.  Abby was so excited.  She's a little upset about not getting to go to school this week.  Grace is very considerate of Abby's feelings, and always tries to make her feel included. 

Grace and her teacher Miss Erin. 

Playing with mat man. 

Abby after back to school night. 

Grace is so excited for Monday, she's been "preparing" all day!

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