Monday, August 20, 2012

Grace's First Day Of Preschool!

A lot of primping and prepping went into today.  Grace had to go to the beauty shop and get her hair trimmed.  She wanted tinsel, but they didn't have tinsel so she chose purple feathers instead.  Then she had to have her fingernails and toenails painted.  She chose purple polish and purple glitter.  She chose a dress to match everything, and in case you haven't guessed the theme yet, the dress was purple too.  She specifically asked that it be ironed, yes my four-and-a-half year old will not wear her clothes unless they've been ironed.  (Neither will my two-and-a-half year old for that matter)  She got her princess backpack loaded up and ready to go. 

First thing this morning, Darren notifies me that Goldie the Blue Beta is dead.  Really????  That's not particularly how I wanted to start my day.  Fortunately, she's been replaced no one has asked questions and as far as they know she just has a clean bowl.  On with our day.

Then it happened. . . . . . . .CRISIS. . . . . . .those ridiculous purple feathers came out of her hair.  And that crimping bead was NOT coming open for me to get the feathers out.  So she had to go to school minus the purple feathers.

And Abby, oh Abby. . . . . . . . .was a monster all day.  Then it dawned on me and I asked her, "Abby are you sad today?"  Then came the water works because she was "sad Gracie going to school."  I felt horrible guilty, because she had been in trouble ALL morning.  Abby asked why she couldn't go to school too, she rationalized it by saying, "my potty's trained."  We've been telling her she couldn't go to school because she wasn't potty trained.  Actually, she has to wait until she turns three to test.  Keep your fingers crossed for her!!! 

Here's what we looked like to start the day.

Happy Faces

Silly Faces

Emma kind of looks like a doll, but she's real.

 I was trying to steal a shot of Grace by herself since it was "her" first day of school.

Abby caught me and wanted one of her by herself too.

The circle wouldn't be complete without one of Emma. 

 Loaded up and ready to go!  It is only a five minute ride, but books are required.

 Heading into her classroom.

 Grace at her cubby.

 Good-by hug.  This was a hug that I thought would never end.  These two always amaze me.

 After school.  Notice the tired faces.

First day of school party as requested by Grace. Balloons, streamers, pizza party eaten off of princess plates, and chocolate cookies to complete the day.

 Back by each other's side.

To recap Grace's day (according to her):
  1. New friend named Katie
  2. Saw old friends, Samantha and Abel
  3. Ate goldfish and drank chocolate milk at snack time
  4. There was no super star today, maybe tomorrow
  5. There were no letter friends today
  6. A boy took her toy in the sand box.  "I will not marry him, he is a bad boy." 
  7. I need another beautiful dress to wear tomorrow
She had a great first day.  Excited for tomorrow.  Fabulous Day!!  Hope you had a fabulous first day of school too!!

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