Saturday, August 25, 2012

Messy Mania

When we had Grace we signed up for the Parents As Teachers program through our school district.  I am so glad we did!  We were matched up with a wonderful educator who has done home visits with all three of our girls.  They also sponsor fun events throughout the school year that we always try to participate in.  To kick off the year PAT hosts Messy Mania at the Early Childhood Center.  If you've ever been inside my house, you are very quickly able to see that my girls LOVE to make a mess so this is the perfect event for us.

We started off with the paint activities.  They were supposed to use the brushes at the easel, but that lasted about three minutes with Grace.  She quickly ditched the brushes because as everyone knows, your hands make way better paint brushes.

Abby disagrees with Grace about the whole paint with your hands philosophy.  She is very nicely using her brush and if any paint gets on her she quickly asks me to wash and dry her hands off.

 Onto the shaving cream activity.  Most kids were rubbing it all over their arms and faces.  This station didn't really interest Grace andAbby.  They visited for a couple of minutes, wiped their hands down, and moved on.

We moved on to paint with cars.  This was fun.  The educator made a picture for each of the girls and then they drove a car through the paint.  Grace asked for a flower.  Easy peasy, even I can draw a flower.

And then there's Abby.  Abby wanted an elephant.  I think the educator was a little surprised by this request, but she drew Abby the best elephant she could.  Abby was very pleased with how her elephant turned out.

Back to the paint.

 As you can see, Abby never really got into painting with her hands.  Too messy!
 Abby really wanted to play on the playground.  Grace had no interest in this.  The event was held at Grace's school so she plays on this playground every day.  To Abby it was all new and she really just wanted to explore.  She loved this swing.  If she had stayed in it much longer she would have fallen asleep.  Notice our Minnie Baby had to swing too. 

 Thanks Liberty PAT!  We loved Messy Mania and can't wait to get messy with you again next year!!

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