Monday, August 13, 2012

Half Bath Remodel

Five years ago I painted our half bath purple.  Purple is my FAVORITE color and I was attempting to incorporate it somewhere into our main living area.  Big mistake.  It came out horrible.  The bathroom was too small and the color made it too dark.  I disliked it so much that I never decorated it.  I bought some brushed nickel accessories, some purple towels and called it a day.  Five years later I could no longer deal with the purple bathroom.  It had to go.  While I was on maternity leave I chose a new color and got to work.  Bye-bye hideous purple bathroom.

It took two coats of primer to cover that nasty purple!

And thanks to my wonderful Dad, my ugly builders mirror is GONE!

These accessories were the ispiration for the new bathroom.  I loved the colors and thought it would fit in well with the rest of my house.

I chose to go with Rustic Gold available in the HGTV line at Sherwin Williams.  They convinced me to go with a more expensive paint than I normally do, and I can honestly say it wasn't worth it.  When I get around to re-painting the rest of the downstairs (hopefully this fall) I'll stick with the Sherwin Williams Cashmere line.  It costs a lot less and covers just as well.  I upgraded the switch plate covers.  I love the detail it added, and it was worth the money.  It wasn't a huge cost because in this small space there were only two.  However, I hope to eventually get around to replacing the actual face plates so that they are brown and blend in better.  I just need to scheule time with my Dad the electrician!  I'm in love with the new mirror.  I found it at Lowe's.  It's so much better than the big ugly piece of glass that lived on my wall before.

I kept all of my original fixtures and spray painted them.  It was my first attempt at doing that, but it saved a lot of money.  First I covered each fixture in spray primer, and then I purchased oil rubbed bronze spray paint to cover the primer.  Note self, if you spray paint your toliet paper holder cover the middle part with tape.  Mine got stuck and wouldn't squeeze in and out any more.  I bought another one at WalMart, covered the middle with tape and sprayed the ends.  It now functions again.  Still came out ahead over buying new fixtures.   The primer was free because my Mom had some leftover in her garage, and the oil rubbed bronze paint cost me about $7.  Not too bad. 

My wall art came from Hobby Lobby.  I purchased the wire art separate from the flowers, both at 50% off.  It ended up matching a premade one in their store but cost less than half of their arrangement.  Score!

I always like to add something above the door.  In this case I went with an Amazing Grace wall plaque from Hobby Lobby.  This piece was not on sale, and purchasing it was painful because I only buy things on sale, but it was $15 and I was in love with it.  It was also the last on the shelf. 

The bathroom is not completely decorated, and I plan to add more things as I come across them, but it is MUCH better than when it was purple.  I can also cross that off my "Things I Want To Accomplish While I'm On Maternity Leave" list.  Now that I'm back to work I have a "Fall List".  Painting the downstairs living room, kitchen, and hallways have moved to that list.  Until then, happy painting and decorating!!

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