Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day at the Patch

In the past we had been to Carolyn's Pumpkin Patch but I always get a little irritated because I feel like it's a little on the expensive side.  This year I spotted a Groupon for a family pass and snatched it up.  Now that I feel like I've gotten a deal, I enjoy going.  And now that I have the season pass I don't feel like I have to go for the entire day because we can always go back again.

I love taking pictures of the girls walking hand-in-hand with their Daddy.  They are always my favorite.  I wonder if Darren gets tired of me taking pictures of his butt. . . .

Daddy has to fill in as the third pumpkin until Baby Emma can get up there.

It was pretty windy, so Baby Emma only got to peek out for a second.

Yelling at the ducks.

Checking out the combine.

The true farm girl did not want to get out of the combine.  This required bribery.

Score!  A pumpkin and a duck feather.  I probably need to remember to get that out of her jacket pocket....

Tea cups and saucers hanging in a tree.  I feel like this will be a spring time project at my house.

Another tractor.  Only this one is perfect because it's her favorite color.

Too bad Daddy and Baby Emma aren't in the picture, but I'll take it.  I'm not on this side of the camera very often.

Dinosaur dig, which Grace loved.  She's very into dinosaurs right now.

The big girls and I took a train ride. 

Perfect end to a wonderful day, pumpkin donuts. 
Fall is definitely here, we are doing all of our favorite fall activities!!  We'll continue to get out there and get our pumpkin on until it's time to switch seasons again!!

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