Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Arrangements

Several years ago I bought these entertaining buckets with stands from Southern Living at Home.  This was before they became Willow House.  I luuuvvved Southern Living at Home, but that was before three kids.  Now my decorating has to be much more kid proof.  I still love my entertaining buckets and stands, but I am falling out of love with them being by my front door.  I think it's about time to find another home for them within the house, but until I can decide what I will replace them with and where their new home will be I will continue to switch out the arrangements.  I change the arrangements as the seasons and holidays change.  The buckets are huge.  The first time I bought flowers for them to create an arrangement, it cost a small fortune.  My Halloween arrangements were much more economical. 

The easiest, cheapest arrangement yet started by cutting some limbs out of trees.  Cheap.  Love cheap.

Then I had to start forking over some cash.  About $5 worth. . . . . . .black spray paint.  It didn't break the bank.  I spray painted my tree limbs black.  Piece of cake.

Next up, some spiders, spider webs, and two purple glittery pumpkins from WalMart.  About $7.  Still not going over board.  The spiders happened to be on a string like garland so the webs and spiders were easy to wrap around my tree limbs.

Two purple spiders from the dollar store, $2.  These are hanging off my buckets.

Then I needed two birds.  Another $5.  One clipped to each arrangement.

I had some leftover shredded (purple and black) paper from something.  I can't remember what, but it worked good around the base of each tree limb.

That's it. . . . . . .Two arrangements in two huge buckets, $20.

Arrangement one sits on one side of the front door.  The trick-or-treat sign is not part of the arrangement it hangs on the wall.  It was a hand me down.  Love those!

Close up of the bird.  Each arrangement has one bird.

Close up of the spiders and spider webs.

A wider shot of the entry way showing both arrangements. 

The best part is, if one of the kids pulls it over it didn't cost much and is easily replaced!!  One of these days I'll do something fancier, my favorite is the vintage Halloween look, but for now it's kid friendly.  And the most important part is, my kids love it.  Even better.  

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