Monday, October 8, 2012

Ready Set, Trike!

I tell anyone that listens to me that I love Grace's school.  It's been wonderful for her, and we've seen such an improvement in her speech and listening skills.  Every year her school has a trike-a-thon.  Both girls were really looking forward to it again this year.  The weather was pretty cold, but we loaded up the bikes and took off for school.

Trike-A-Thon Fun

It always amazes me that Grace will take off on her bike when their are other kids around.  If it's just her and her sister she always requires pushing.  At school she was quite a ways ahead of us, I was zoomed in pretty good to get this pic.


Face Painting

After freezing their booties off for a bit, we went inside for face painting.  However, my girls prefer to have their hands painted.

Grace chose a jack-o-lantern.

Abby chose a sunshine but as soon as I snapped this picture her jacket sleeve fell down over it and messed it all up.  That was the drama of the morning.  Stuff like that always happens to Abby.

Playground Fun

Driving the train.

Abby was a little bothered by the fact that there were wood chips on the benches and table inside the train.  Her and Minnie had to clean them off.

Silly faces.


Birthday Party Fun

After the trike-a-thon Grace and I headed over to one of her little friends house for a birthday party.  At one point I "lost" Grace inside this house only to find her in the corner with her little friend eating suckers. 

At this party there was a wild animal exhibit.  Some of the animals they could touch, others they couldn't.  As you can see Grace was up front and center with the birthday boys taking it all in.

Not sure what they were petting here.  The chinchilla maybe.

Took a break for a sucker.  I was the designated sucker holder.

Baby monkey.  You couldn't touch the baby monkey.  Too bad because this is the only one I would have considered touching.

End of the party hugs.  I didn't realize what good little friends these two are until this party.  So cute together!
That was our Saturday.  It was a crazy day, but it was a good family day.  Everyone enjoyed themselves.  Our weekends seem to just get busier and busier!

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