Monday, October 1, 2012

Three Years Ago Today

It's hard to believe that three years ago today Abby joined our little family.  I remember it very all so well, and I hope those memories never fade.  I remember the doctor being late.  I had horrible braxton hicks and was ready to get this baby delivered.  I remember my spinal block hurting worse this time than it had with Grace.  When the procedure finally started I remember the doctor telling Darren to stand up because the baby was almost out, but I started contracting really hard and she couldn't get her out so Darren saw more of my insides than he cared to.  But when she did come out the cries that were coming out of this baby should have been my first clue as to what I was in store for with Abby.  She would pause for about three seconds and then start wailing again.  She was so mad to be taken from her dark and warm little home.  I remember having the cutest little yellow sleeper with hearts on it, but it made her look very jaundice and everyone kept thinking she needed to go under the lights, which she did not.  Darren and I were on pins and needles until they let us go home.  We were hoping to not have a repeat performance of Grace's entrance into this world.  After four days, we were sent home.  I cried tears of joy.  The weather was unseasonably cold for October, and I couldn't dress her in the outfit I bought to take her home.  She wore a sleeper with lady bugs on it. . . . . . . . .

The months clicked by and before I knew what was happening Abby was one.  We had her first Minnie Mouse birthday party.  I remember her not liking cake very well.  She wore an over the top pink tutu with a My First Birthday onesie.  It was chilly that year and the outfit was perfect. 

More months clicked by and my little doodlebug turned two.  For some reason I can't find my photos from that month.  It's really bothering me.  I only had this one.  I may have to pull out our old computer and do some digging.  We had a zebra themed Minnie Mouse party for round two.  I made Grace and Abby little pillow case dresses. They were so cute.  It was hot and they stripped out of their leggings to play outside. 

And here we are, Minnie Mouse round three. 
Abby. . . . . . my daughter who is most like me. . . . .my own personal sunshine who lights up my life. . . . .with a temper so quick and fierce it can flip like a light switch. . . . . .who loves to snuggle. . . . .she who does not (and will never have to) give up the title of mommy's baby. . . .the only one who gets to be a BIG sister and a little sister. . . . . .for you Abby, I prayed.  And God answered those prayers.  I thank him for you every day.  You make my life a brighter place.  Happy 3rd Birthday Doodlebug!

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