Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloweeny Stuff

Oh my goodness, it seems like forever since I've written something on my little blog and I've missed it!  My world seems to be so crazy lately.  Work is crazy.  Home is crazy.  My little ladies are crazy.  But we've had fun the last couple of weeks doing Halloweeny things.

I wanted to give the girls the opportunity to wear their costumes more than once.  Over the weekend we dressed the girls up and took them over to Briarcliff Village for their trunk-or-treat event.

Miss Emma was a "cat" this year.  I found her costume at Cracker Barrel.  They have adorable infant outfits.  Em had a growth spurt though and I had to stuff her in the outfit.  Oh well, she still pulled off the cute look pretty easy.
Group shot of my three little ladies. 
Abby has always been and will probably always be Minnie Mouse.  Not a red Minnie though.  Has to be pink.

Grace's second year as Cinderella.  Thankfully the dress MeMe made her still fits.  She beams with pride when she tells people her MeMe made it for her.

Bean bag toss. 
A view from Emma's spot.
Enjoying popcorn. 
Fantastic face painting. 

After trunk-or-treating and a quick dinner at Red Robin we came home to carve pumpkins.  Grace LOVES to carve pumpkins.

Abby is not as crazy about it.  She's fine until it gets on her hands. 

The inside of Abby's pumpkin.  It was too "dangly" so she gave the pumpkin back to Daddy. 
After watching Grace play in the pumpkin Abby finally decided it was ok and let it touch her.

Typically on Halloween we have a party.  I seem to be running out of time for everything right now so I didn't get a party planned.  Our family that doesn't have neighbors came over and trick-or-treated in our neighborhood, but it felt like something was missing with the absence of my party.  I will be more on the ball next year.
Halloween day finally arrived so I let the girls fill up the treat pumpkin. 
I think my Dad had almost fallen asleep when I snapped this.  Poor Dad. 
Me and my "big" girls. 
Abby and MeMe. 

Grace was fully aware that this was MeMe dressed as a witch but she still was pretty unsure of her.
Daddy and his "big" girls. 
My little kitty fell asleep before any trick-or-treat action happened. 
Grace and her jack-o-lantern. Picture Perfect Princess.
Abby and her jack-o-lantern.  
C'mon Dad, one more picture with us. 
All our pumpkins lined up. 
Action shot.  Tonight I heard proof that my girls listen to me.  I proudly observed as they said "trick-or-treat" loud enough for everyone to hear, followed by a "thank you" that could be heard two doors down.  Just when you think they aren't listening..... 
Came home to find Emma ready for bed! 
The candy sort. 
I think Abby had been eyeing this yellow sucker since it first hit her bag. 
Everyone jumped in bed when the evening was over.  They were worn out.  Don't let Grace fool you.  That's her pretend princess sleep. 
Hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween.  We're ready to move on to Thanksgiving in our house.  The decoration swap will begin tomorrow, and we are sooo excited.  (Let me clarify that last we, as in Grace.  I'm exhausted just thinking about it!!)

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