Monday, October 22, 2012

New Trees

Darren bought me two new trees for my birthday.  I was so excited, because I'vee been wanting these type of trees for awhile now.  His brother came down to help him plant the trees so his boys came along.  In his brother's family, they have the boys.  Mine obviously has the girls.  They had a lot of fun playing together this morning.
I have to admit I was proud to snap this one unassisted, by myself, with an infant strapped to the front of me.  They are all looking at the camera and sort of smiling.  Mission accomplished.

Tree number one.  A blue spruce.  The reason I wanted this tree so badly?  You got it, Christmas lights.  Grace is already asking when we can put the lights on it.  Soon Gracie, soon.

Tree two is a River Birch.  There's this little area beside our patio in the backyard that I want to turn into a little garden.  The Birch is part of my master plan.  You really have to be careful typing Birch.  It could very easily turn into something else. . . . .
I'm so excited about my trees!!  Our yard is still a blank palet that needs to be landscaped, but we are getting there a little at a time.  Or, one tree at a time at least.

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