Tuesday, September 18, 2012

3 Days Down 12 To Go

So my parents had this brilliant idea to take off to Italy for two weeks.  Yay for them, boo for me.  Here's why:

  1. We have no babysitter
  2. My best friend is overseas.  Haven't spoken to her in days.  Ok, so maybe just three days. But, this is the longest I've gone in my ENTIRE life without talking to my Mom.  It's made me a tad bit cranky.
  3. Grace is upset.  When are MeMe and PaPa coming home.  In forever Grace.
  4. I kind of want to blame Abby's meanness on the change in her routine.  But, I'm sure that's Abby being Abby.
  5. For the first time in my life I have to go to the orthopedic doctor alone.  She's gone to every appointment with me since I was an infant.
Yes, some of you may think I'm insane. Most grown women go a lot longer without talking to their moms.  But I have very important things to tell her.

  1. Grace went to her first non-family birthday party.  She had a good time.  She wants to have her party at the same place.  Her favorite part was the hot tub.
  2. The girls had friends over Sunday night to play in the bounce house.  They had a ball.
  3. We didn't get to talk and recap the baptism.
  4. My hip hurts.  I made an appointment with the ortho. 
  5. Goldie died.  Again.
  6. I still cannot find any jeans to fit the girls.  What am I going to do?
  7. Grace's twinkle toes are too big.  The 9's are to small the 10's to big.  She's upset.
  8. I got Abby scheduled for a screening at Grace's school
  9. I ordered hair bows for Abby and Grace for Abby's birthday party
  10. It's red apron weekend.  We always go together.
  11. My feet grew during pregnancy.  Tried to wear non-sandals the last two days.  They are too small and my feet hurt. I think we need to go shoe shopping.  I think I need shirts too.
  12. Grace had library day today and she's so sweet she chose a book for me instead of her.  She picked a Charlie and Lola book because she knows they are my favorite.

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