Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grace's Family, According To Her

I love it when Grace comes home with things she made at school.  Today she came home with this drawing of her family.  I love it when she draws people.  It's so cute.  Somehow in this picture I was the only one to end up with arms, and I am the biggest out of everyone.  I'm not sure how to take being the"biggest."  Maybe it's because "I'm the boss applesauce," or maybe it's because I'm still carrying around some baby weight.
Darren didn't get any hair.
Emma is teeny tiny.
Then there is the cross in the middle of our family.  I asked Grace what that was for.  "Because Mom, we're Catholic."  Like I was dumb for not knowing.  Apparently, she listens even when I don't think she is. 

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