Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Deanna Rose Farm Day

This week I am on vacation because my parents are in Italy and we don't have a backup sitter.  That's really ok by me because it gives me a little extra time with my girls.  Wednesday is Grace's day off school so I wanted to do something fun today.  Coincidentally, my good friend Jamie and her kids were available for a couple of hours today and we met up with them at Deanna Rose Farm.  Typically, the "farm" is a daddy/daughter trip.  I actually had never been, but after today I will definitely go back.  It's a beautiful place to visit and the kids got to see and do so much.  It's a little bit of a drive from our house but it gave me a chance to test out the maps/navigation on my new iPhone.  By the time we headed home I think I had the process perfected.  The thing I like most about Deanna Rose Farm, it's free.  Here's what our day looked like.

Brady was a little disappointed he couldn't get in the swing.

The tepee was a big hit with my girls.  They were covered in gravel dust by the time they were through.

Grace liked feeding the goats. 

Brady conserved his bottle the longest, which was impressive with these goats.

Abby was scared of the goats but thankfully Jamie rescued her since I was feeding Emma.

Abby continues to make a mess of herself.

Grace went down this slide, which was HUGE for her.  She is very scared of heights, but I don't think she was about to show it with Abby and Brady there.

Have I confused anyone with the Abby's yet?  Well, this is Big Abby and Little Abby.  We had friends of the family when I was little and there was a Big Jess and Little Jess.  I don't remember if I am the Big or Little Jess, but Big Abby and Little Abby sure are cute together.

The fresh air finally  wore her out.

The temperature was great, only about 75.  BUT, the humidity was horrible.  I swear it's like 90%.  So everyone was hot, thirsty, and ready for a snack.

My kids were wiped out.  Abby was asleep about 3 minutes into the drive.  Once Grace was certain I knew how to get home (since I got lost on the way out there) she gave in and rested her eyes too.  Emma was able to sleep after she spit up all over herself, so I got to listen to the radio station of my choice in peace and quiet on the way home.  That never happens!We had so much fun with Jamie and her kids.  Can't wait to do it again!

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