Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Fun Day

I had every intention of doing something "fun" with my family today.  The zoo, Powell Gardens, something outside in the beautiful weather. . . . . . . . .but I started panicking about next weekend and how many people we are going to have at our house for Emma's baptism so I decided to stick around the house and work on some projects.  Thankfully, they were fun projects for the girls.

After church and breakfast we headed over to family tree nursery.  Darren bought me a deal saver earlier in the week, and I could not wait to spend it.  My container gardens suffered over the summer.  Between the horrible heat and a newborn baby I didn't do much with my gardens.  I could not wait to fill some containers full of festive fall flowers!

Emma in the jungle:

 Abby getting ready to work.
 Picture break.
 Silly sisters.
 Pretty baby.
 Helping Emma with tummy time.
 Mom can you see me?
 Back to my container.  I love the way this one turned out.  I can't wait for the all the flowers to start blooming.  I have two of these on either side of the garage door.  Here's what I put in it:
  1. Red Rooster Leatherleaf Sedge
  2. Diascia hybrid in Flirtation Orange
  3. Allegra Yellow Belgian Mum
  4. Galactic Lettuce
 Grace runs for the camera, and the pot does look better with her in the picture.
 Daddy and Emma take a football break while the girls and I run some errands. 
 Back at home Daddy and Emma come outside to see our new purchases (because we went back to Family Tree) and Abby had to ensure Emma was properly strapped in the stroller.
 We filled up two more pots that we put on either side of our front door.  In these pots we put:
  1. Nerola Orange Belgian Mum
  2. Neon Violet Pansy's
  3. Red Acre Cabbage
 Did I mention I'm a sucker for a deal?  This HEAVY statue of Mother Mary was marked down $30.  So guess what, she found her way into my van.  Once home she found her way into one of my front flower gardens!
The weather was beautiful today and I'm glad we spent most of it outside.  If I knew it wasn't going to get so hot again this week I would have been super excited over the cooler temps.  Maybe if I keep on decorating for fall I we will start to see some cooler temps that stick around.  Happy fall planting!

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