Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blogging Is Hard

I should have started out with a "practice blog".  But, like everything I do I jumped in head first.  I started blogging while I was maternity leave.  So far I like it, but I hated how my blog looked.  So I started doing some research and stumbled across Shabby Blogs, which completely fit my style.  So I chose a new background, something much less busy because the last one gave me a headache every time I looked at it, and set off on my new look.  Then it came time to test it out.  On my desktop, everything looks great.  On my iPad, not so great.  Now, I'm stuck.  Because I don't really know how to fix that.  And I can't sit here wracking my brain to figure out how because now I'm running out of precious time because thanks to the dog, the baby won't stay asleep.  So what do you see as background when you look at my blog?

Oh, and a new name!  Coming up with a blog name was hard for me, so I just sorta slapped one on there.  Today, I tossed around two different ones:

All Things Jessica


Greatness Achieved Everyday

Obviously, I went with the first one.  The second is an acronym for my girls names (GRACE, ABBY, EMMA) but I didn't want to sound conceited without everyone knowing the meaning behind it.

Well, I'm outta time.  My baby needs me.  Thoughts on my new look???


  1. I see your background! Another fun place for backgrounds is TheCutestBlogOnTheBlock

    For a while there, I would change my family background every month or so - it's so fun!

  2. Dont worry about trying to fix things. Different browsers show a little different. Its not anything you are doing.

  3. Thanks Bill! You saved me hours of frustration and kept me from banging my head against my keyboard.