Monday, September 17, 2012

Emma's Baptism

Over the weekend we baptized our baby.  In the Catholic church baptism is the first sacrament our children receive.  Catholics baptize their babies to absolve them of original sin.  At the baptism Darren and I, along with Emma's Godparents, promised to raise her in the Catholic faith.  To let everyone know of this special event, I whipped up some invitations over at Shutterfly.  Let me just pause to say, I love Shutterfly.  I am constantly making things on their site.

The baptismal gown is a pretty significant part of the day.  Traditionally, a long white gown is worn and it is symbolic of purity since the baby is being cleansed of original sin.  It is also a tradition for all children in the family to wear the same gown.  If you know me, I'm a traditional person.  Therefore, I dressed all three girls in a very traditional gown made by my mom.

Here we all are waiting to be baptized.  Along with Darren, myself and the girls we were joined by Emma's Godparents.  They are my cousins Derek and Cindy.
Here we all are at the baptismal font. 

Post baptism. 

Her Godfather lights the baptismal candle.  It was about this point in the ceremony that my mom is mouthing to me, "your camera batteries are dead."  Great.  I did not replace my extras in the camera bag.  As luck would have it, my Godson stepped up and snapped away at the rest of the event. 
I love this picture of Emma and her Godparents. 
Here we all are, one great big happy group of us.  My family unit, plus my cousins and their kids.  We're a good lookin group! 
My parents. 
My family along with Father Tim. 
Darren's parents. 
This may surprise some of you, but I did not make a cake.  I kept it simple and made white cupcakes decorated with white pearls, chocolate dipped strawberries, and chocolate dipped pretzels. 
We had dinner.  Brisket and the fixins.  Yum! 
Emma and her Mimi. 
Classic Abby.  I love this shot. 
We set up a bounce house in the backyard for the kids.  Super big hit!

Family socialization shots.

Isn't this an adorable shot of the cousins?

My Godson.  (He used to call me his Fairy Godmother when he was little.  That's why I still think he's the cutest.)

I think she was pretty happy with how her big day turned out.
We were having so much fun at the after party that we forgot to open gifts.  So, here she is lined up with everything. 

From her Godparents.  So beautiful. 

Another crucifix.

The pictures could go on and on.  Emma received so many lovely gifts.  This truly was a memorable day for all of us.  It was a little emotional for me knowing that this is it.  She's my last little baby.  Last baptism.  But, I know there are many more memories in store for me and my family and I can't wait to create those for my girls.  God Bless!


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